Palm oil can be used to stop dryness around the eyes

Some good advice is to use palm oil ("American oil") to lubricate the outside of the eye. With age many tend to get dryness around the eye- but this oil will give you a really a nice feeling around your eyes, that has been known for century's  Palm oil can also be used for many other ailments-  here we are not using its traditional use as an intestinal cleanser product, but for external use.

1. It is good to get for the skin's small problems, dryness, ulcers, abrasions and even against hemorrhoids.

2. Ichy, dry and tired feet lubricated in at bedtime and came so cotton socks on for the next morning. The skin is so like velvet, and possibly. corns have been soft. For between the toes disappear tend starting sponge prompt.

3. Warts can lubricate them in morning and evening-and disappear in certain cases.

4. the eye was red and irritated? or maybe just dryness around the surrounding skin of the eye?, which also occurs with age- this oil relieves this immediately.

As you can see there are many different uses palm oil can be used for


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