Balanced diet to help you grow taller

Been asked this question a few times and there seems to be somewhat a large amount of confusion about it. "How can you grow taller with diet?" Well the truth is you cant if you have passed your growing years. The main reason for this is that your growth plates will have fused together meaning further actual cellular growth is impossible.. obviously like always people will try to disagree but just think of this point for 1 second... How come people in there 90's don't grow taller? They cannot. If this fact that I stated wasn't true then anyone could grow taller and will be having growth spurts all through their life.. but this isn't the case because they just physically cannot even if they do eat a diet that is meant to help. Diets that are meant to promote bone and height growth are not meant for everyone only for those who haven't stopped growing.

Malnutrition can lead to you growth being stunted if you under eat and do not get the right kinds of foods with the right amounts of nutrition and vitamins that will help to fuel your growth.
Think of food as the building blocks to growth without any of these blocks you wont have a very tall building.
In this article I wont bother to name specifically any special types of foods because the secret is to eat the right amounts of all food types.. focusing on one type of food group would mean the balance would be broken.

If this article did not help you because you think that you have already stopped growing I can suggest that you look at my other article about growing taller that will help you even if you have passed the age in which your growth plates have fused. Here is one about stretching exercises...


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