How to stop Achilles tendon pain with a simple exercise

Your Achilles tendon can inflame and become very painful resulting in what is known as Achilles tendonitis. Achilles tendonitis effects a lot of sports people from runners and to cyclists, but it can also effect all the rest of us as well who dont even compete in sport.

Study's carried out by scientists has now shown that a very simple exercise can relieve chronic pain and swelling in the Achilles-tendon by quite a lot.

But you may need discipline and commitment: You must repeat the exercise 15 times for each foot for at least three months for it to work the best.

Whilst doing this exercise you may get sore calf muscles at the beginning- this is perfectly normal, and you should just continue! (because it is working and strengthening the calf muscles)

To begin you must position your barefoot and your toes on a stair step, then you must hold the position for two seconds, then lower the heel  vertically and repeat.

Another cause of achilles pain can be due to the fact that you are wearing ill fitting shoe or have insoles that do not provide the right level of support.

*You can buy metatarsal pads that are placed at the bottom of your heel in side your shoes that support the heel and spread pressure that can start building up on your heel, this can also have a good effect on reducing pressure on the achilles tendon too, because these metatarsal pads will also cushion impacts when you walk or run that could damage or inflame the achilles tendon and heel.
*You can buy online plantar fasciitis insoles that have been specially made to prevent platar fasciitis from developing by supporting your heel.


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