How to grow taller

Well, a self improvement blog would not be complete without a how to grow taller article now would it?
Growing taller doesn't have to be all about your genetics there are other things that you are able to do, eat or even wear to grow taller. In this article i will be explaining.. what and how this is possible.
Right so you are trying to find a way to grow taller? Well the truth is that there are very few ways that you can effectively grow taller. I said very few and not that there are many. So what are these few ways then?

Stretching exercises to help you grow taller

Well first things first improving your posture.
It is common knowledge that having good posture doesn't just make you taller but because of your stance you feel more confident and taller. But how can you go about improving your posture? It is more easier than you think you may want to simply stand up straighter and not hunch and by being more aware of your posture can make a big difference in it. Also you can strengthen the muscles that support your spine and posture by doing stretching exercises. There is a wide choice of stretching exercises and even sports that you could do to do this including:

  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • basketball
  • hanging from a bar
  • General stretching exercises
  • back exercises

Remember that you must make sure that whenever you do these kinds of exercises and stretches that you make sure you maintain good posture and make sure that you are doing them the correct way to avoid injury, and if you do not do them properly you may be set back a bit or even worse get worse posture.

General stretches to improve exercises can be done twice a day for around 15 minutes.. but remember you go to keep on doing them and maintain your good posture even after you have gotten taller.

It is also vital hat you have good strong posture because we are always under the constant pressure of gravity. Gravity actually decompresses the vertebrae in our spines making us a little bit smaller than we should actually be. This is why we are much taller when we are sleeping because our spine is not under the pressure of gravity when we are lying down flat. By strengthening the muscles and improving your posture you in effect reduce the impact gravity has on you!

(Results may take quite a logn time to show through stretching exercises but can result in a more healthier you!)


Okay I have explained a few ways on how you can grow taller with stretching exercises, now however i would like to mention the importance of eating correctly and making sure that you provide you body with the right nutrients to fuel your growth. Note this section isn't really that applicable for those whom have stopped growing naturally but the information provided maybe of use for those wanting a more healthy lifestyle.

There has been a strong link between malnutrition and stunted growth, people living in countries that are suffering from famine and shortages of food have a much smaller population in height than those who have a rich supply of food to eat. However research has suggested that relative poverty in affluent countries can see that height within certain western countries can however differ because people are simply not eating the right kinds of foods because they cannot afford a health lifestyle so opt to eat cheap fast food instead.

It is crucial therefore that we eat a balanced and healthy diet when we are in our growing years (usually teens). Not doing so can mean the difference of growing taller or being small.

A balanced diet is one that incorporates foods in all the major food groups and eating the right quantity of that food.

The major food groups are as followed:

Eating a variety of different color vegetables with different vitamins inside is very beneficial not only will vegetables keep you healthy but they can also help promote growth.
Here are some examples, broccoli, cabbage peppers, tomatoes

Eating fruit is very good for you. Here is a mini list of some fruit that is good for you: Apples, bananas, peaches, pears,plums,oranges, mango's... there are a lot of them to many too name.

We have two very different grains that you can eat–  these are whole grains and refined grains. Whole grain is especially good for you.

For healthy bones dairy products are essential!

You body uses protein for growth! Protein isn't just found in meat like chicken or beef but can also be found in beans and peas too.

I have chosen not to specifically isolate one food group to concentrate on because otherwise it would be a balanced diet if you just chose to eat foods within one food group. This is because your body needs to be balanced and not deficient in something for you to grow your tallest.

If you have stopped growing naturally so a diet may not work for you and you just don't have the hours in the day to start a stretching program then i have another height solving solution for you. Height increasing insoles. A proven and tested way a individual can boost there height. (however i do recommend that you both do posture exercises and wear these as well for the best possible height gain).

Height increasing insoles

Height increasing insoles (Here is a place to buy lifts) are gel, rubber or foam shoe lifts that work by giving the person wearing them a boost in height via taller heels which they can adjust in height through the use of stacks (adding and taking away stacks to adjust height). The gel insoles work really well and the results are noticeable maybe too noticeable if you are using them at there fullest settings that is why it is advised to slowly adjust your height over a course of time instead.
Height increasing insoles are also a far more comfortable way to gain height than the other products that you can buy like high heels to increase your height because high heels can actually damage your feet by positioning them in unnatural positions whereas height increasing shoe lifts have built in orthotics and arch supports this all then means that your foot is supported and in its correct position meaning one does not have to worry about damaging you feet or developing things like plantar faciitis either.
There are plenty of places where you can buy shoe lifts online, but before you do bare in mind that you must by ones that fit your shoe size so that they are comfortable and don't slip around.
Height increasing insoles provide the wearer of the insoles with a constant level of height which is something stretching exercises cannot say due to the fact that you will have to keep doing the stretching exercises to maintain your level of good posture and height.

Let me just say that these are three ways that you can try out to help you grow taller, stretching exercises and height increasing insoles prove effective at any age whether you are still growing or have passed your growing years. Diet on the other hand is most important when you are still growing.


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