Shoe lifts a way to appear much taller than you actually are

That's correct! By wearing shoe lifts you are able to be a lot taller than you actually are and also another thing about these height increasing insoles is that they can also make wearing a pair of otherwise uncomfortable shoes far more comfortable to wear for a number of reasons which i will go into in more detail further on in this article  but for now let me tell you a bit more about how shoe lifts work and how they can be the affordable and most easiest and quickest way for you to grow taller.

First of all shoe lifts where not always purpose built for those of us that want to increase our height, I say this because originally shoe lifts where actually called heel lifts back before people used them to grow taller. The real reason people wore heel lifts at that time was not for height gain but for a medical condition where one leg was shorter than the other this was called leg length discrepancy's also heel lifts where used and still are for people who are wanting to improve balance and gait patterns.

However since then a new type of heel lifts have been created that can be used by anyone... these are called shoe lifts and are now being widely used by people across the world to increase their height.
Minimal effort is required and the height gain is instant when you have a pair of these insoles in your shoes.
These shoe inserts that can be easily placed inside any of your shoes that you have got right now takes zero effort like a said plus they can be adjusted in height making them far easier to be unnoticed by other because you can slowly increase your height so that it just looks as though your not wearing shoe lifts but actually growing naturally.

Furthermore like i said at the beginning shoe lifts are comfortable to wear...Why? Because these height increasing insoles have many of the features orthotic insoles have built in them such as arch supports and a tapered design meaning your foot is never pushed artificially into a uncomfortable position that can prove to cause damage to parts of your heel and foot like the plantar fascia which can cause plantar fasciitis.
The heel's on the shoe lifts will actually cushion and absorb much of the impacts and force that can just simply result from walking over time this force can be damaging... but thanks to this design the forces are reduced.

If you want to know more about orthotics and protecting your feet from damage or plantar fasciitis let me point you to this article.

Having the boost in height will not only make you see over crowds of people and generally be noticed more by standing out with the new height but these height increasing insoles also have another side effect from wearing them...more confidence.
I know that it totally depends on the individual wearing them but in most cases the extra height will also give you extra confidence.
Plus studies have also shown the people perceived taller people a lot better than smaller people, thinking that taller people are far more trusted and will actually give them more respect on first impression than to a smaller person.

I have found this article that tell you more about the study's carried out as i mentioned above on how being taller affects people views on you:

Why being taller is important

Now you know the benefits of wearing shoe lifts.. i tried to think of some negative things to say about shoe lifts but i honestly couldn't think of any.
I hope i have covered any questions you might have had... Got any that I didn't answer ask below for a answer from me.

Oh and before i forget, shoe lifts can be worn by both men and women and can be bought that will fit most shoe sizes.


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