Dont want allergies then get a dog!

Scandinavian Research has found that exposure to pets early in life may reduce the risk of developing allergy's, including asthma and allergic nasal problems.

The researchers examined data for 2,531 children who have been followed from birth to four years of age. When these children were born, there were pets in 22.4 percent of the homes, in 19.1 percent, there were dogs, and in 7.6 percent cats.

The risk of Atopic Dermatitis (asthma eczema), asthma and allergic nose inflammation was clearly less in homes with pets. Scientists believe that there may be several explanations for this. One is that early exposure to pets may have a protective effect. Another is that to keep pets can come with a lifestyle that protects against the development of allergic disorders.

Dogs can have a physiological benefit as well, as children quickly learn to see and read the dog's feelings, and it reinforces their social skills.


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