How to be healthy and live longer: Micro circulation

Staying healthy and being in good shape as you get older is indisputably one of most sort after things. And whether it is done by either playing more sports or doing more exercise or just watching what you eats, We all swear by one thing or another when it comes to finding the optimal lifestyle and nutrition.

There is intense discussion among doctors and scientists on the topic of vitality and fitness. And hundreds of experts from all disciplines dealing with the topic. One of the most central parts of the debate is blood circulation problems. Normal flow of blood in the arteries is an important foundation for a functioning healthy organism, no one is questioning this fact anymore. If there is not enough space in the arteries, for example. due to hardening of the arteries, there will not be enough blood to go to the body organs.

Both in research of circulatory disturbances and their consequences as in the diagnosis of patients with these disorders, there has been until recently image-producing methods such as ultrasound and x-ray to focused on the large blood vessels for doctors to be able to see this problem.

A good blood circulation in the great vessels is not enough
But the latest scientific results makes an impression that: it's important to have good blood circulation in the large blood vessels, but it is not enough. What really makes a difference to the bodies and tissue optimal function, is the so-called micro circulation. This means the blood flow in the billions of tiny partcles with tiny blood vessels that supply each and every body cell in all organs and tissues. In this Oxygen and nutrients are transported into the cells and waste products from metabolism are removed from the cells.

If this so-called micro circulation is disrupted, there will be no longer vital oxygen and nutrients to cells, and they will die. The consequence is that the cells function is disrupted and, in the worst case, ceases.

Absolutely essential: the microcirculation needs to operate
There are many different reasons why microcirculation disturbance: Stress, low blood pressure, inflammation and atherosclerosis, as frequently seen among smokers and those with high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.

And the microcirculation can be disturbed in virtually all tissues. In the brain can lead to repeated small strokes and not so rarely also to decreased mental functioning or annoying dizziness. Bad circulation in the cardiac musculature smallest vessels leading to angina pectoris and myocardial infarction in the worst cases. It goes beyond the leg veins, can develop where leg arteries close. When a sensory organ, such as. ears or eyes are affected,  perhaps leading to even loss of hearing or sight.

It is vital that you get treated micro circulation disturbance as early as possible, so that the body does not get damaged. But also when there is malfunctions, symptoms may be removed or reduced noticeably if the microcirculation is improved. First step is to change your eating habits and lifestyle, avoiding known risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

But many can't avoid medical treatment. In addition to improving the microcirculation as much as possible these preparations also preferably and are readily useable, because patients often need treatment for the rest of their life. Precisely here lies the problem with most synthetic preparations. Greater risk of bleeding, abdominal pain and stomach upsets, asthma attacks and the dizziness attacks are merely examples of problems, which over time has led many to interrupt their treatment with synthetic preparations.

What do I need to do to live longer and continue to be healthy?
Daily exercise-preferably in fresh air. Walk, jump rope, endurance training. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and the bike instead of the car when it is possible. Good forms of exercise is hiking, walking, swimming, cycling, cross-country skiing, tennis, table tennis, dance, horseback riding, golf and gymnastics.

The diet should be nutrient-and high fiber: Many vegetables and wholegrain products, only a little sugar and sweets. Fresh fruit every day, fish instead of meat two days a week, only a little fat. Very fluid. Do you suffer from high blood pressure, so save on salted and use instead of fresh herbs and spices.

Lukewarm baths, foot baths, that alternate between hot and cold water, brush baths and carbonic acid bathing works activating on the circuit. The same applies to the air and Sun bathing.

Your doctor or practitioner would like to give you good advice on what you can do yourself to enhance your blood circulation, for example. reflexology or massage.


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