Seeing more clearerly

Why do we call our eyes "Windows to the soul"? Why are we always talking about "the way to see the world"? Why do we say: "I can certainly see" to tell people that we have understood? What do we understand? What is the relationship between our way of looking at things, and our way of being?

The sight is not only a physical process that we only use to see objects.
The sight affects, and is affected by our emotional and mental state.
Our way of being is directly linked to our way of looking at things.When we experience stress, it reflects, among other things. in certain muscles in our body. Where we feel the thrill is linked to why we feel it. (An incorrect working position is reflected, for example, as tensions in the back)

When it comes to vision, we use the muscles that surround the eye both to move the eye, and to focus. the muscles get the eye to be longer or shorter, depending on what we are looking at, and what we think and feel. The muscles are so involved in the actual process of vision.

When we go through an extended period of time, or with a certain intensity are experiencing stress in relation to our surroundings, it may happen that eye muscles are "frozen" and "locks" the eyeball stuck in an unnatural form, that is out of focus.Since tension in the eye muscles corresponds to the voltage in our consciousness, maintains the tension in a particular State of consciousness.

By releasing the tension from our consciousness, it also released from our eye muscles.

You can focus on mental techniques that release tension from consciousness so that the eyeball can return to its natural shape and clear vision re-emerges. For many people is the way to clear vision an inner journey, a realization of his Self, and seeing themselves clearly. It is a process of longer or shorter duration, depending on the sensitivity about letting go of vision problem.


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