A healthy diet can do a whole world of good!

Why do you think so many people talk about a healthy diet and how eating a balanced diet can do so much good? In in contrast to this just as many people complain at how a unhealthy diet can destroy your health.
This has been the case for thousands of years, people think that Unhealthy people eat rubbish but tasty food and healthy people eat healthy but bland food. Well I actually would disagree with this cliche completely as all junk food to me has the same unnatural bland taste to it where as healthy fruit, vegetable and unprocessed meats have a lot more flavor to them. This is probably because your taste buds get used to and accustomed to the foods you eat. If some one grows up eating junk fast food from a early age they may find that all other healthy food to them is disgusting. I will agree that not all healthy food tastes great but there is so much out there that you will find a lot of things you like.

Junk food is rubbish... it clogs up your arteries and heart you can develop lots of health problems that i wont go into in this post due to the fact that there are so many.

Healthy food is good for you, if you find the right food that you enjoy it is millions of times tastier than processed junk food... it makes you live longer and can even make you feel happier!

So which one do you pick?


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