What is Lactose-intolerance

Lactose is found naturally in milk and dairy products, regardless of whether the milk comes from cows, sheep or goats. Most patients with intolerance to lactose can drink 1-2 dl milk (7-12 g lactose) without symptoms, however, drank with a meal at the same time. Soured milk products are tolerated better, since they have a lower content of lactose, while hard cheese and mold cheese contains very little lactose so typically can be ingested in nearly unlimited quantity's  Lactose is however being added to more and more industrial food, which maybe start becoming more of a problem for those who are lactose intolerant as more foods contain it.

Lactose-intolerance is defined as abdominal discomfort (diarrhea, abdominal pain and air pollution), which is caused by the ingestion of lactose (milk sugar). The discomfort fades after total or partial elimination of lactose from the diet. Lactose-intolerant can effect people of all ages without gender differences. Due to the high nutritional value of dairy products should not be removed from the diet without serious reasons.


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