Small, good advice for feet

If you are suffering from corns or aches and pains in your toes it is almost always your own fault. The cause of the aches and pains in your toes can be caused from wearing too narrow shoes or uncomfortable ones that do not fit properly, Overtime by wearing poorly fitted shoes the constant pressing down that can occur on the toes (usually found on top of part of the toe) can cause thickening of skin tissue (corns) around the areas under pressure of to stave off the pressure and protect your toes from damage . This means that there will be even less space in your shoes-and then you will find yourself in a vicious circle!

Bad toes  maybe caused by a cone-shaped thickening of the skin layer, and it can be localized in the area around the toes, the sole of the foot, the heel and plantar fascia.

If you want to prevent corns, one must make sure to wear the right fitting footwear, and walk around bare feet as often as possible so the pressure does not build. You can also wear special orthotic insoles as well which can spread pressure evenly but make sure the insoles do not make your shoes uncomfortable and to tight.


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