Running insoles can and will make you run more comfortably and faster aswell

Not only shall a pair of running insoles make you run faster but a pair of these insoles has the added bonus of when you run your feet will be more comfortable as well because they will be cushioned and better supported.
Athlete all over the globe use running insoles to better there sporting careers and better their running. But that's not the only reason why athletes use them. Athletes have a increased risk of developing things like plantar fasciitis and damaging there feet because of excess use and strain. Ironically obese people also have a increased risk of foot damage due to the weakening of the foot muscles and tissues due to reasons such as under use.. plus obese people tend to have a even bigger risk of getting plantar fasciitis because the plantar fascia is put under greater pressure by the excess weight.
Running insoles can support the arch of the foot along with providing comfort and shock absorption as well all because running insoles have been built for this purpose with their orthotics in the design.

If you dont want to run the risk (excuse the pun) of getting foot problems then some of these insoles are really for you whether you run or not it is better to prevent future problems from developing in the first place.

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