More on the placebo effect

The tablets contain absolutely nothing that can help medically, but yet they still work. A riddle and a phenomenon we see time and time again in the world of medicine. What matters is the patient's expectations. As you know, faith can move mountains-and is evidently important for man's ability to heal themselves.

They do not contain anything other than fillers and starch, but look like real tablets on a dot. The Placebo, cheat pills that primarily used in pharmaceutical research, so that you can compare with the impact of the ' genuine ' preparations. It is amazing is that cheat the medication in most cases have a demonstrable, positive impact. And not enough with that test subjects even show sign of getting better and improvement in their suffering – one can, in certain cases, prove that placebo's initiates healing, biochemical processes in the body. This happens when the test subject/patient think that he/she will be treated with an active substance. It is widely acknowledged that up to 50% of the impact by a genuine medication is due to placebo effect and by many diseases even more.

The power of faith
How is it possible that a ' false ' tablet may have the right effect? After logical, natural knowledge of scientific criteria, one cannot expect an effect. And yet the objectively measurable.

The so-called placebo effect is one of the most obscure and most exciting phenomena in the scientific world and is and has been the subject of many studies. Basically can effects of gene only lead to one conclusion: that the body's processes allow themselves to be influenced by the faith and the psychic setting-so much so that healing processes are possible.

It is a challenge for the science-based medicine, which so far has not given space in the sys-temet to "soul". And Pharmacology, which tests must be able to prove that the newly developed product has a clearly better effect than placebo. It does not always succeed. So many preparations will not be approved due to a negative comparison trials.

The phenomenon has been known since time immemorial. The Greek philosopher Plato was convinced that only the words have the power to cure diseases. He was also an advocate of the practice to make a seriously ill patient that healing is possible and probable. With the help of this well-intentioned lie to you could activate the body's ability to self healing and extend the life.

A first real proof of faith suggestive power found a Council under the leadership of Benjamin Franklin, naturalist and the progenitor of the u.s. Constitution. The French King, the Council asked to find proof of the so-called mesmerisme, who had come in vogue. The German physician Frantz Anton Mesmer claimed that in the body is a kind of ' fluid ', one by removing ' magnetism ' can influence. Benjamin Franklin was able to prove that the alleged effect alone was due to the imaginative force-not the method itself.

The Placebo effect and the "white coat"
Autosuggestion is the secret behind the placebo effect: the patient is convinced that the treatment works. If he/she suspects ' fraud ', the effect disappears immediately.

Experiments have shown that the placebo effect often have amazing expressions. Thus works small and me-get big tablets better than medium-sized and sprays work better than tablets. When it is the doctor who gives the sprayer, works better than when the nurse doing it. While price plays a role: A higher price offers greater placebo effect than a lower price. It is thought-provoking that placebopr√¶para-ter can even cause side effects such as headache, fatigue, grogginess, constipation or rash. Pla-ceboets effect hangs in addition together with the context, for example. If a doctor or than a Chief Medical Officer and participating in the treatment or prescribing placebo preparation. Here you will experience a com­ MONLY used version of a placebo effect and an equally important.

But if one with vile sugar balls and a good conversation with a doctor may relieve pain or accelerate the healing process, what are we going to with the medication? Fortunately for doctors and pharmacists, there are still a sufficient number of medications and treatments that works significantly better than placebo.

Anyway open placebo-research results new perspectives for treatment. Thus, it is an indispensable requirement for a good treatment that the doctor uses with complementary with mental care. Faith and confidence in the forces-and it is often essential for disease progression, particularly by chronic and/or severe diseases. Faith can move mountains – also when it comes to our health.

Shape size and color are essential for the effectiveness of a placebo preparation ' work ' It is because these external characteristics enable specific psychological processes. Capsules are often better than tablets.


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